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Manual for App „Wages & Times“

Time tracking made easy

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  1. Introduction
  2. First Steps
  3. Time Tracking
  4. Error Handling
  5. Configuration of timers
  6. Projects
  7. Rules for working time
  8. Driving time
  9. Salary
  10. Minimum Wage
  11. Invoices
  12. Reports
  13. Flextime accounts
    • Surcharges for Saturday and Sunday work
    • Compensation for overtime
    • Presentation
  14. Reporting for random periods
  15. Printouts
  16. Change Logo for Time Sheets
  17. Backup and Archiving


Thank you for downloading the app!

Those who work should receive fair wages.

Regardless of success, it is usually the time spent on employment that is honored. This app offers everything you need to create receipts for the time to be billed.

When I was dealing with the topic of time recording, inputs came from many sides. I tried to integrate as much as possible into the app.

The app ‚Times & Wages, Projects Timer‘ offers support for the following scenarios:

  • Working time recording for self-employed and employed individuals with consideration of:
  • Flextime accounts
    • monthly representation of actual working time compared to the target working time
    • vacation, illness
    • unpaid leave, sick days without sick pay
  • Working time laws regarding the maximum duration of work and minimum duration of breaks
  • Wage calculation with comparison to the rules for minimum wages
  • Weighting of Sunday / holiday work or Saturday work
  • automatic time clock depending on the location
  • Logging project work
    • logging of an unlimited number of individual projects
    • unlimited number of additional information regarding the project that can be saved, such as location, project activity, client, etc.
  • Driving time
    • Consideration of the relevant rules for truck drivers in the EU or Switzerland (ARV2)
  • Billing of recorded times and articles to the client

All recorded periods can be weighted individually. General multipliers for Saturdays or Sundays and public holidays can also be set.

A tabular representation can be printed as proof or sent as a PDF by email. For further processing, csv or XML files can also be generated, which can be read into a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Numbers).

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. It is financed by advertising or an InApp purchase that unlocks all functions and removes the ads.

I hope you like the app. I appreciate your feedback. Many suggestions from customers have already been included as a feature in this app.

Svend Back, sb-apps.com


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