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Pick-up Sign 2.5.5 released

Version 2.5.4 is released. The main improvement is, that it should be easier to adjust the size and the position of overlapping text lines.

Version 2.5.1 adds frames around text

Numbers in the top left corner of a box indicate the layer. The layer withe number „2“ is on top of Layer „1“. In the overlapping section you can acces the top most layer only. Images are below of the text and can be accessed when, they are not obscured by a box.

The boxes disappear after 2 seconds of inactivity and the sign is displayed.

Due to several updates in the past it might be possible, that former signs do not display properly. There were stored differently internally.
Normally some parts moved offscreen. But you can do a long press gesture on the sign an select „Restore Positions“ to get the original layout.


The last resort (unfortunately) is to delete and reload the app.



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