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Finalizing invoices

Invoices to customers are documents.

The app follows the basic principles of accounting. Once an invoice has been finalized, it can no longer be changed. As an uninterrupted consequence, the invoice numbers record that no transactions have been deleted. The consequence of this is that an incorrect invoice is corrected either by crediting and, if necessary, recalculation. A cancellation invoice has been used in Germany since 2013. In Switzerland, the classic method of crediting can also be used. Attention: In Germany, a tax office can refuse to deduct sales tax if the term „credit note“ is used incorrectly.

The following symbols are displayed for the different states of the invoice:

The invoice has not yet been completed and can be changed
The invoice has been issued and can no longer be changed
Invoice has been sent by email/printed
The invoice has been paid
Invoice has been canceled
Invoice is overdue
The invoice was dunned

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