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Configuration of timers

If you tap the wrench symbol in the working time menu or select “Configure timers” in the main menu, you get to the configuration menu for the individual type of time recording.

The details of the timer can be specified for the selected entry in the table. “Active” means that the timer is shown in the working time menu. Only 1 timer can be selected for time recording on the Apple Watch.

In the example above, the time recording for driving time (2) is no longer shown. Additional timers can be created with the ‚+‘ button (3) as a copy of the active timer.

A separate button is implemented for projects. The name of the project and an abbreviation are requested.

The order of the timers in the time recording menu can be varied with the “Edit” button (4). The position can be changed by moving the 3 horizontal bars (9). With “Stop” (10) you exit this mode.

Up to 3 timers are shown in the “Today” screen of the iPhone, which appears when you swipe the main screen to the right up to the last screen. The same menu with the menu items “Reports, Stop and Break for the first timer appears when you press the icon on the main screen firmly (so-called 3D touch).

The abbreviation of the name (5) is printed on the shift slips, while the full description is used in most places where more space is available. A background color for quick identification can be selected via a color menu.

A separate limit (6) can be specified for each timer. A notification appears when the threshold is reached.

If the option to allow messages was initially denied, the message window does not appear, just as the value „0 minutes“ was entered there.

Times are entered as “hours: minutes”. If only a number is entered, this is interpreted as the number of hours. „8“ means 8 hours. “8:30” means 8.5 hours. For 20 minutes you can enter “0:20” or just “:20”.

Hourly wages can be changed per timer type (8). For the working hours, the “Salary” menu (8a) deals with special aspects of the calculation and comparison with the statutory minimum wage.


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