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Projects can be logged separately in this app and by default are not counted towards flextime accounts. An initial number of projects can be set when the app is started (see „First Steps“). By default 4 additional text fields are offered to store supplemental information about the customer, location, activity and general comment for projects.

To add a new project, a button (1) is offered in the timer configuration menu. The abbreviation for the project name (2) is printed in the report, where less space is available.

The number and type of additional fields can be varied (3). A label can be setup for each additional field. Additional fields are configured as text fields by default. The additional fields defined as standard for projects can be specified here in more detail.

After selecting the field (6), the additional field types appear in the bottom area:

In addition to the text field, further options are possible in the configuration menu (4):

Field type (7) Valid input formats
Text field Any text
Date Entry done via calendar picker
Time Entry done via calendar-/time picker
Currency An amount such as 4.50 or 4,50 corresponds to $ 4.50 or € 4.50
Route 4.5 or 4,5 for 4,5 km or 4.5 mi.
Number 4.75 or 4,75 respectively
Person Text, selection via address book picker
Duration 4:30 h corresponds to 4 hours and 30 minutes
Industrial time 4.5 or 4,5 corresponds to four and a half hours

The example view (5 and 9) highlighted in gray shows how fields are displayed later.
In addition, it can also be specified for the reports whether the additional field in the entry

  • printed with label and field content (“Customer: Client abc GmbH”) or
  • printed without a label (“Client GmbH”) or
  • is not printed.

With a click on the ‚+‘ sign new timers of the selected type (1) can be created. The order of the types can be changed by clicking on “Edit”. With “Stop” the changing of the sequence is ended.


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