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Icons & Tasks

TaxiDataManager manages the following tasks in the day of a taxi driver:

Task Icon Definition
order/bookings pickup A customer calls for transportation at a certain time in advance. Sometimes these are also called a bookings in TaxiDataManager.
tour/trip fahrten Could be a ride with or without a reference to an order
receipt receipt Acknowledges the receipt of cash either for a tour/order. Normally one receipt is issued per order.
invoice edit2 Orders can be invoiced. The person/company to invoice to is not necessarily the same person that has been transported. usually more than one tour and optionally some services could be charged for in one invoice.
shift sheet uebergabe (1) This document contains the data
at takeoveruebergabe1 of a cab
and notes the data
at the handoverto the next driveruebergabe (1) or just at the end of a shift.
A shift sheet is normally used as daily/weekly protocol for the activities of a car containing readings of the odometer and the taxameter. So drivers track their mileage, revenues and surcharges as difference between the reading at the beginning an the end of a shift.
time sheet clock Some countries oblige drivers/taxi companies to track the working hours of drivers. The working laws differ a lot from country to country in terms of maximum continous hours permitted driving a cab and minimum length of breaks. This is especially useful in Germany for employed drivers.
reports scores Retrieving previously entered data by data and forward it to someone who does statistics on it.
fare calc Estimating fares depending on a given distance. day- and night tarifs can be configured.
route map Retrieving the pickup location and the destination of a tour and calculating the distance. duration  as well as the estimated fare for that trip. The distance and the duration to the pickup location from the current location can be calculated.

The locations can be automatically transferred to a navigation app like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon or TomTom to guide you to the destination.

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