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Demo Offer for Drivers

If you are a driver of a taxi, a chauffeur of a limousine, or any other professional driver you might have waited for this app!
TaxidataManager helps you to reduce the administrative burden.in your business.

Demo offer for the new Version!

sb-Apps.com offers 20 demo-codes* to drivers. First come, first serve! Write an E-mail to  mailto:support@sb-apps.com now!

*test all features for 30 days. Data will be transferred when you buy after that period.

2 Gedanken zu „Demo Offer for Drivers“

  1. I was wondering if I could use your app. for driving a taxi in California, USA?

    I’ve a taxi and I’m looking for some way to enter the fares name and phone number address, and charge them a fair price for the service. So billing, and charging through Debt or Credit cards, and so on. Would your app. work for me?


    P. S.

    I don’t speak German, English only, thank you…

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