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Additional Fields

If the predefined fields do not satisfy your needs, there is a mechanism to add fields/attributes to the record. These additional fileds may have formats like just plain text, date, time, currency amount, distance in miles/kilometers, plain numbers, person from the addressbook, car or location.

After defining the type of a field, you can specifiy the behaviour when printing these fields in reports. You may either display the content, the content with a label or just nothing for a certain additional field. If the content is empty, nothing is printed.

A special type of field is the summary field (), which adds up all previous entries. A resetting option is available to start a new sum within a list of the following entries.

As it would make sense to define fields for all future entries, that will be created, you can make a list of fields/attributes a default for all new records.

Tip: You might store a template (Bookings/Trips->-> „Save as template“) with a record with a certain list of additional fields as template. Recall this list with the -Button.

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