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Restore in-app purchase

When you once bought the AdFree- In-App purchase there are certain  situations where you might need to reload (at no additional charge) the In-App  Purchase from the AppStore:
– when you reinstall the app after deleting it
– when you use the app on another device (Apple allows up to 5 copies on  different devices)

You will find a button name “more…” after double clicking on the screen. In the next screen you’ll find a button named ‘restore in-app purchase’. Klick on it and (eventually after entering the app store password again) the ads will be removed again.

Ein Gedanke zu „Restore in-app purchase“

  1. Please also have a look, if you have received a receipt for the in-app purchase from Apple. If the purchase just hasn’t gone through you should just retry. Apple does invoice this in-app purchase only once per Apple ID regardless how often you download it.

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