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Nice Feedback!

Hier kommt ausgewähltes Feedback aus der ganzen Welt// Feedback from around the world:

Austria:  SSS ***** by  Aberli5

Schön, super, sinnvoll

UK:Excellent by A.Azeem786


UK: From a Chauffeur  ***** MichaelBateson

Over the years, I’ve tried all manner of Meet & Greet boards and apps. This is the best so far!

UK: Good Job  ***** by  Dozyprawn

Simple, effective, and does what it says on the tin!

Australia: Ausiejohnb  ***** by  Ausiej

As a chauffeur I am using this app daily and find it the best way to find your client.

 Finally  ***** by  billyray – Version  1.2 (old version)

Updating my review. The ad banners  are finally gone after my upgrade purchase. Works great, especially if  you want to display a large logo with the name.

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