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Download Pick-Up Sign // Mein Schild // El Letrero

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2 Gedanken zu „Download Pick-Up Sign // Mein Schild // El Letrero“

  1. the name sign app regularly hangs on ipad pro, then the only solution is to remove it and reinstall it and then restore the app for the ads to remove very annoying at the moment you are doing a Pick-up

    1. Hi Richard,

      I just released Version 2.5.1 of Pick-Up Sign. It will be available as Update probably tonight.
      The main improvement is a frame around the text, when adjusting the text lines for the sign.
      There are situations, where a big line on top of the sign hides the access to the bottom layers.
      The pan and scale gestures reaches always the top line, whren the lines overlap.

      Have a look at the announcement for further details.

      New Version 2.5.1

      Best Regards,

      Svend Back

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