How to create a backup

Starting with the next version (3.9.7) the newDropbox API V2 is integrated. A new menu is implemented called „Backup“ takes care about the tasks about backing up and restoring the data of taxi data manager. Start with setting the switch „Use dropbox“ to ‚enabled‘. Immediately a the dropbox authentication will start, if the internet is Read more about How to create a backup[…]

Demo Offer for Drivers

If you are a driver of a taxi, a chauffeur of a limousine, or any other professional driver you might have waited for this app! TaxidataManager helps you to reduce the administrative your business. Demo offer for the new Version! offers 20 demo-codes* to drivers. First come, first serve! Write an E-mail to  Read more about Demo Offer for Drivers[…]

Add a contact from taxi data Manager to the iPhone addressbook

Step Description 1 from the main bookings-menu start eith ‘adding a new order’ 2 After entering all fields like ‘John Doe’ as name and a phone-number you can tap on ‘Add contact’ 3a/3b Then decide wether to add the recently added data as a new contact or as additional fields to an existing contact and Read more about Add a contact from taxi data Manager to the iPhone addressbook[…]

Icons & Tasks

TaxiDataManager manages the following tasks in the day of a taxi driver: Task Icon Definition order/bookings A customer calls for transportation at a certain time in advance. Sometimes these are also called a bookings in TaxiDataManager. tour/trip Could be a ride with or without a reference to an order receipt Acknowledges the receipt of cash Read more about Icons & Tasks[…]