Version 4.3 bietet automatische Stechuhr

In Abhängigkeit vom Ort kann automatisch ein Timer gestartet werden. Beim Verlassen wird der Timer wieder gestoppt. Die Region ist ein Punkt, um den ein Radius mit einem frei definierten Radius geschlagen wird. Die Region wird für einen Timer im Konfigurationsmenü konfiguriert, das über das Hauptmenü erreicht wird. Mit der Auswahl des Timertyps, werden die Read more about Version 4.3 bietet automatische Stechuhr[…]

Version 4.2.1 verfügbar

Auf Feedback von Nutzern hin ist die Eingabe von längeren Zeiträumen für Urlaub, Krankheit oder auch Gleitzeiten verbessert worden. Es erscheint jetzt ein Auswahl Menü mit 2 Rädern, um das Start und das Enddatum Datum einzutragen. Nach erfolgter Auswahl wird im Hauptmenü wird dann der Zeitraum mit „OK“ gespeichert. Darkmode für iOS 13 wird unterstützt. Read more about Version 4.2.1 verfügbar[…]

Version 3.16 is available

Version 3.16 just introduced some minor enhancements. The selection of invoices to be displayed in the report-menu is fine granular. You could select for examples all invoices which are overdue. Go to the button in the left top corner of the list of reported items. Invoices print additionial fields either in groups of 3 fields Read more about Version 3.16 is available[…]

Version 3.15 of Taxi Data Manager is available

It’s again time for a backup! Version 3.14 provided the following features: You can now invoice working hours. Invoices can be selected by status in Reports section (paid, overdue, credited,…) Times for Projects can be captured and invoiced. First version of flexitime implemented. There have been 2 customer reports on data issues with 3.14. When Read more about Version 3.15 of Taxi Data Manager is available[…]

Pick-up Sign 2.5.5 released

Version 2.5.4 is released. The main improvement is, that it should be easier to adjust the size and the position of overlapping text lines. Numbers in the top left corner of a box indicate the layer. The layer withe number „2“ is on top of Layer „1“. In the overlapping section you can acces the Read more about Pick-up Sign 2.5.5 released[…]

How to backup data from GradeMonitor?

It makes sense to backup. Especially after long time of entering data or when changing the device. This is also a precaution before updates. Sending an E-Mail or a WhatsApp message with a link with all data is the solution. Main Menu -> Transfer -> E-Mail or Share Click on the new device on the Read more about How to backup data from GradeMonitor?[…]

GradeMonitor 5.0 is ready for update

GradeMonitor is released with a new version 5.0. This is an updated version to accomodate new features of iOS 11 and iPhone X. The data could be transferred via the Share-Menu (via WhatsApp for example) from the student’s version (GradeMonitor) ro the parent’s version (paid version GradeMonitor+). The way how you could cretae your own Read more about GradeMonitor 5.0 is ready for update[…]

Version 3.12. is uploaded to Apple

Stay tuned for the next release probably available next week. More efficiency through templates! Did you know how easy it is to carry out collecting trips for up to 8 people with the pre-defined templates? Save recurring tours as your own templates. Enhancements when adding attributes (additional attributes for tours and booking). Also: Facelifting through Read more about Version 3.12. is uploaded to Apple[…]